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ALMOND Anti-Ageing Eye Cream 15g

Almond anti-ageing eye cream 15g

$8.99 USD
SEAWEED Cooling Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel

Seaweed cooling anti-fatigue eye gel

$8.99 USD
Morning Nectar Under Eye Cream Visibly Flawless

Morning nectar under eye cream visibly flawless

$8.99 USD
Anti-Age Bxl Cellular Youth Eye Cream 15G

Anti-age bxl cellular youth eye cream 15g

$41.99 USD
Replenish Bxl Cellular Hyrdrating Eye Gel 15G

Replenish bxl cellular hyrdrating eye gel 15g

$28.99 USD

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Your Questions, Answered.
Which eye cream is best?

The sensitive area under the eye is rarely given the special attention it deserves. Using the Biotique Bio Sea Weed Eye Gel has a cooling and anti-fatigue effect on the eye. It relieves stress, puffiness, and dark circles.

Does Biotique eye cream remove dark circles?

The Bio Morning Nectar Flawless Lightening Eye Cream with SPF hydrates the under-eye region, reduces dark circles, and deflates puffiness.

Which Biotique eye cream is best for dark circles?

All the eye gels or creams available at Biotique reduce dark circles. However, the Bxl cellular hydrating eye gel is suitable for all skin types and phenomenally reduces dark circles.

When should I apply eye cream?

The sensitive eye needs protection throughout the day. It is recommended to apply it in the morning and at night.

How do you use anti aging eye cream?

Correct application of eye cream will even out the lines and puffiness under the eye to give a soft and smooth look to the eye. Use a pea-sized amount of eye cream, beginning at the inner eye, and gently apply outwards towards the corner of the eye. Be gentle with your touch.

What is the best eye cream for under eye?

The Biotique Bxl cellular hydrating eye gel is the best eye care product for the under-eye region. It will rejuvenate the fatigued skin leaving it fresh and smooth.

How do you use Biotique seaweed eye gel?

Take a pea-sized amount of the Biotique Seaweed eye gel on clean fingertips and gently pat around the eye area. Make sure the face has been cleansed before applying the gel.

Take Special Care of Your Eyes with Biotique Under Eye Creams & Gels

When you talk about taking care of your facial skin, a crucial aspect is the area around your eyes. The skin under your eyes is more prone to signs of ageing and stress as it is much thinner than other areas. An under-eye cream of the best quality provides the necessary skin treatment for this region of your face.

All issues that occur to your under-eye skin will be well cared for when you choose the best eye creams from Biotique. The 100% botanical extracts that comprise Biotique beauty products are perfect for all skincare regimens. In addition, any wrinkles that form under your eyes will vanish when you regularly use Biotique under-eye gel or cream.

Characteristics of Applying Biotique Under Eye Cream & Gel

The Biotique under eye products can help you in the following manner:

  1. Anti-Ageing Qualities:

    The skin around your eyes gets tighter, which reduces signs of ageing with an anti-ageing eye cream from Biotique. It contains extracts from natural materials that slow the ageing process of your facial skin.

  2. Reduction of Dark Circles:

    You tend to develop dark circles under your eyes if you don't apply an under-eye cream often. But, when you use Biotique cream for the under-eye region, it will gradually brighten any dark circles.

  3. Ample Hydration:

    Moisturisation is essential for the skin, and Biotique eye cream ensures that the skin around your eyes receives sufficient hydration. As a result, you get healthier-looking skin with the right amount of moisture retention under the eyes.

  4. Controls Signs of Stress & Fatigue:

    Using the best eye creams from Biotique removes any signs of stress that show under the eyes on your face, like fine lines and wrinkles. When you feel tired due to any stress, it shows around your eyes which an eye gel can help relax.

Different Types of Biotique Under Eye Creams & Gels

The products from Biotique for the under-eye region of your face are as follows:

  1. Biotique Bxl Cellular – Hydrating Eye Gel for All Skin Types:

    This under-eye gel from Biotique uses superior cell repair technology to cure any issues related to your under-eye area. It replenishes any nourishment requirements of the skin with the proper minerals and vitamins. Your under-eye skin will feel less puffy after you use this under-eye gel. In addition, the skin will visibly look younger and feel smoother with this advanced skincare product.

  2. Biotique Morning Nectar Under Eye Cream Visibly Flawless:

    To provide the best care for your under-eye skin, this is the best eye cream for dry skin from Biotique. It contains morning nectar, wild turmeric and entirely organic neem extracts. The sweetness of morning nectar gives you the essential needs for maintaining an ageless complexion of your skin. In addition, this Biotique anti-ageing cream will remove dark circles and any swelling of the under-eye area of your face.

  3. Biotique Seaweed Cooling Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel:

    You can energise your skin cells with this under-eye cream which consists of the goodness of seaweed's detoxifying elements. After you apply this product from Biotique, your eyes will feel lighter and illuminated. In addition, you will get a cool-refreshed feeling under the eyes once you use this best under-eye cream for wrinkles.

  4. Biotique Bxl Cellular – Youth Eye Cream for All Skin Types:

    The nourishment this Biotique provides is best for the under-eyes region of your face. The night cream anti-ageing advanced formula makes your skin look younger and youthful. This Bxl cellular cell repair technology used in this product will strengthen the skin, making it tighter around the eyes. It is also a great eye cream for wrinkles as it reduces them with an advanced formula.

  5. Biotique Almond Anti-Ageing Eye Cream:

    If you want wrinkle-free, revitalised skin, this skincare product for your under-eye is excellent. With its night cream anti-ageing formula, use it every night for the best results. In addition, it contains almonds, sunflower extracts and nutmeg to give you younger-looking facial skin.

Please ensure that you include an under-eye cream in your skincare routine. Your face requires that you take care of the area around your eyes equally like the rest of your face with quality beauty products. Biotique produces the best eye creams made explicitly with your skin's health in mind using ancient ayurvedic knowledge.

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