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CARROT SEED Anti-Ageing After-Bath Body Oil 120ml

Carrot seed anti-ageing after-bath body oil 120ml

$5.99 USD
AVOCADO Stress Relief Body Massage Oil

Avocado stress relief body massage oil

$5.99 USD
CITRON Stimulating Body Massage Oil 200ml

Citron stimulating body massage oil 200ml

$5.99 USD
VITAMIN Healing Body Massage Oil

Vitamin healing body massage oil

$5.99 USD

Biotique Helps

Your Questions, Answered.
Which Biotique body oil is best for dry skin?

For dry skin, Biotique Carrot Seed Anti-Aging After-Bath Body Oil is the finest option. It helps in preventing moisture loss and dryness after bathing. Skin is left soft and silky without an excessive amount of sticky layer.

Which Biotique body oil has the brightening properties?

Biotique Vitamin Healing Body Massage Oil is the most suitable for brightening skin. It has vetiver, rose, groundnut, winter green, and other ingredients that help to even out skin tone and texture. Leaves the body feeling satiny smooth, lighter, and more vibrant.

Is Biotique body oil chemical free?

All Biotique products are produced entirely of natural botanicals and do not contain any chemicals.

What advantages does applying body oil offer?

Body oils relieve dry, itchy skin and replace its moisture. Regular body oil massages increase the texture and flexibility of the skin, resulting in glowing skin. Additionally, it helps in skin renewal and exfoliation, leaving your complexion fresh, healthy, and radiant.

Which is the effective after-bath body oil?

The most effective is Biotique Carrot Seed Anti-Aging After-Bath Body Oil. Carrot, almond, walnut, mustard, and groundnut oils found in this body oil work to keep skin soft, smooth, and free of dry lines and wrinkles. It guards the complexion, improves the texture and tone of the skin, and makes the body smooth, shiny, and younger-looking.

How to use body oil?

From the ankles to the neck, use circular motions to gently massage the body's skin. Apply daily or as required.

Is daily usage of body oil beneficial?

Daily usage of body oil is best for soft and supple skin. It helps to keep the moisture.