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Bhringraj Anti Hair fall therapeutic Hair oil

Bhringraj anti hair fall therapeutic hair oil

$6.99 USD
Mountain Ebony Anti Hair Fall Hair Serum 120ml

Mountain ebony anti hair fall hair serum 120ml

$9.99 USD
Bio Bhringraj 800Ml

Bio bhringraj 800ml

$23.99 USD
BIO MUSK ROOT 230g(musk root pack)

Bio musk root 230g(musk root pack)

$8.99 USD
Banana deep Nourishing Hair mask 175gm

Banana deep nourishing hair mask 175gm

$10.99 USD
Onion  Black Seed Hair Mask 175g

Onion  black seed hair mask 175g

$8.99 USD
MUSK ROOT 230g(musk root pack)

Musk root 230g(musk root pack)

$8.99 USD

Biotique Helps

Your Questions, Answered.
Can we apply Biotique serum on wet hair?

yes, it is best to apply Biotique hair serum directly to wet hair as it is easy to spread on wet hair.

Can we use Biotique hair serum daily?

The Biotique hair serums contain natural Ayurvedic ingredients rather than harsh chemicals. You can use it every day after a shower to keep your hair soft and bouncy because it is kind to hair.

Is Biotique hair serum good for hair?

Your hair can improve by using Biotique hair serum in a number of different ways. It can improve your natural texture, add gloss, and minimize frizz. Additionally, it can maintain your hair healthy by preventing damage.

Which is the best Biotique serum for falling hair?

The Bio Mountain Ebony (Vitalizing Serum for Falling Hair) is the finest for hair fall. To encourage the growth of fresh, healthy hair, this effective serum contains pure extracts of mountain ebony, long pepper, glycyrrhizin, and euphorbia trees. From root to tip, it stimulates hair leaving the scalp feeling toned, energized, and dryness and irritation-free.

When to apply hair serum?

The effective option to apply hair serum is either on damp hair or before you style hair.

What is the best serum for frizzy hair?

The Biotique Almond and Cashew Fresh Replenishing Serum works best on frizzy hair. Pure almond and cashew oils are combined in this lightweight serum to restore and repair dry or damaged hair and stop frizz.

Which hair pack is best for hair that is falling out?

The finest hair mask for preventing hair fall is the Onion Black Seed Hair Mask from Biotique Advanced Organics. This deeply nourishing hair mask restores nutrients and moisture that have been lost to pollution, harsh weather, and color-processing for hair strength and growth. Each strand gets stronger and shines more.

Which hair mask is good for frizzy hair?

The perfect hair mask for frizzy hair is Biotique Advanced Organics - Banana Deeply Nourishing Hair Mask. An instantly smooth, conditioned, high-shine treatment that is weightless yet highly nourishing that repairs frizz and restores moisture.

How do you use Biotique musk root?

Use a generous amount of Biotique Musk Root Fresh Growth Nourishing Treatment Pack on your dry scalp and hair. Leave on for 30 minutes. Then Shampoo your hair, and Well-rinse with water.

Is Musk root good for hair?

Musk root promotes hair strength, gloss, and freshness. It activates and regenerates the scalp, strengthens each strand, and encourages hair growth for longer and thicker hair.

Is Biotique hair pack good?

The Biotique hair pack is actually very good and healthy for the hair. Hair is much shinier, bouncy after using this pack. It gives hair more hydration. Hair is no longer rough and dry.