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WALNUT Exfoliating & Polishing Face Scrub

Walnut exfoliating & polishing face scrub

$3.99 USD
PAPAYA Tan Removal Brightening & Revitalizing Face Scrub

Papaya tan removal brightening & revitalizing face scrub

$3.99 USD
MORNING NECTAR Nourish & Hydrate Face Scrub

Morning nectar nourish & hydrate face scrub

$3.99 USD
WALNUT Exfoliating & Polishing Face Scrub

Walnut exfoliating & polishing face scrub

$7.99 USD

Biotique rice water & niacinamide gel face scrub 100ml

$15.99 USD

Biotique ubtan & collagen face scrub 100g

$12.99 USD
Tea Tree skin clearing Scrub 50gm

Tea tree skin clearing scrub 50gm

$6.99 USD
Clear Bxl Cellular Resurfacing Scrub 50G

Clear bxl cellular resurfacing scrub 50g

$24.99 USD
Coffee Energizing face srcub 50gm

Coffee energizing face srcub 50gm

$6.99 USD
Clear Bxl Cellular Rehydrating Scrub 50G

Clear bxl cellular rehydrating scrub 50g

$42.99 USD
PAPAYA Tan Removal Brightening & Revitalizing Face Scrub 100g

Papaya tan removal brightening & revitalizing face scrub 100g

$4.99 USD

Biotique Helps

Your Questions, Answered.
Can scrub be used daily?

Scrubs perform the function of exfoliating the skin. Too much exfoliation may expose the pores of the skin, allowing oil and first to accumulate. Thus, the use of a scrub is recommended twice a week.

Which biotique scrub is best?

Biotique offers excellent scrubs for different purposes and skin types. Each one is good and does what it's supposed to do effectively. Select what suits your skin type and needs and pamper your skin.

Which scrub is best for oily skin?

Biotique advanced organics- tea tree skin clearing scrub is remarkable for oily skin. It gives a clear, smooth, and shine-free skin finish.

Does biotique scrub remove tan?

Biotique has built a scrub dedicated explicitly to solving this issue. The papaya tan removal, brightening, and revitalizing face scrub is the product you are looking for. It unveils the natural brightness of the skin for a glowing complexion.

What is the best scrub for face?

The best scrub for the face is one that suits your skin. Browse through the vast collection of skin-specific scrubs offered by Biotique to select the suitable scrub.

Is biotique face scrub good?

Undoubtedly! The principles of Ayurveda guide the formulation of Biotique's face scrubs. Using natural and organic ingredients, they nourish and pamper the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Can biotique scrub be used on body?

For body scrubbing, you can use the impressive Coffee energizing body scrub from Biotique. It gives you spa-like results at home by removing dead skin cells. You'll feel smooth and soft after using it.

Can we use papaya scrub daily?

Papaya scrub is gentle and built to be mild on the skin, yet using any scrub daily is not recommended due to their exfoliating effect. Excess exfoliation may not be suitable for everyone. Use Papaya scrub twice a week.

Give yourself silky smooth skin with Biotique Face Scrubs

Simply washing your face with a face wash is insufficient for the best skincare results. You also need to incorporate a gentle exfoliating beauty product to improve the texture of your skin. You can achieve this by using the best face scrub in the skincare merchandise market. It will enhance the skin's surface and remove any unwanted blemishes.

Biotique makes top-quality face scrubs that ensure your skin gets the best scrubbing with ingredients from nature. There is even a face pack for glowing skin that exfoliates your facial skin in the gentlest ways.

What Will You Gain by Using the Best Face Scrub from Biotique?

The benefits that your skin will get by using Biotique natural face scrubs are as follows:

  1. Gentle Exfoliation:

    Using a face wash from Biotique will take care of your skin by providing gentle exfoliation. It uses organic materials to create a mild yet effective scrubbing effect as it is an ayurvedic face scrub.

  2. Removes Tans & Blemishes:

    Your skin gets constantly tanned by the sun's harmful UV rays, which even leave behind dark or brown spots. Regular use of the natural face scrubs from Biotique will gradually reduce and remove any tanning effect or blemishes from your face.

  3. Get Rid of Dead Skin Cells:

    When you gently massage your skin with the best face scrub, it helps eliminate the accumulated dead skin cell layer. As a result, it makes your skin smooth and keeps it healthy by preventing any fungal or bacterial growth.

  4. Nourishment & Hydration for Your Skin:

    Ingredients present in herbal face scrubs from Biotique provide the proper nourishment required by your skin. In addition, it helps to hydrate and moisturize your skin, keeping it soft and supple.

  5. Let Your Skin Breathe by Unclogging Skin Pores:

    Your skin needs to breathe, and Biotique face scrub cream ensures this. It clears all the dirt from the pores of your skin, opening them up to breathe better, thereby improving skin health.

Investigating the Best Face Scrub from Biotique

There is a range of best scrubs for all skin types available from Biotique, and they are as follows:

  1. Biotique Papaya Tan Removal Brightening & Revitalizing Face Scrub:

    This scrub for the face is full of natural ingredients like papaya, mango seed, dates, fenugreek seeds, neem and banana. Biotique tan removal scrub like this will make your skin look young because of the phytochemicals, minerals and vitamins in these natural components. Moreover, it will revitalize and brighten your face by removing tans from your skin, as it is the best scrub for the face in India.

  2. Biotique Bxl Cellular – Hydrating Scrub for All Skin Types:

    Bxl cellular is an advanced skincare technology that will rehydrate your skin while effectively exfoliating it to remove impurities. It removes all the dead cells from your skin and is a perfect natural face scrub for oily skin as it controls excess oil production. This advanced face scrub is excellent for skin of all age types and helps it supercharge itself.

  3. Biotique Tea Tree Skin Clearing Scrub:

    Use this scrub like a face pack for glowing skin, which is suitable for normal to oily skin. The tea tree extracts in this face scrub contain anti-inflammatory properties, effectively reducing the skin's acne or swelling. It is a perfect Biotique scrub for oily skin and helps you to get a clearer skin complexion.

  4. Biotique Walnut Exfoliating & Polishing Face Scrub:

    Get yourself radiant skin by using this scrub containing the goodness of walnut oil like lecithin and vitamin A. It provides a natural face pack for glowing skin as it removes any dryness by moisturizing and giving you smooth-soft skin. Use it daily by gently massaging it into your skin to get the best exfoliation.

  5. Biotique Bxl Cellular – Resurfacing Scrub for Normal to Dry Skin:

    The best face scrub from Biotique uses a complex formula to repair your skin. This scrub will strengthen the skin from within and deep clean all the skin pores of grease or impurities. You can even use it along with a face pack for glowing skin texture and boosting brightness.

  6. Biotique Morning Nectar Nourish & Hydrate Face Scrub:

    Made from 100% natural botanical extracts of mountain ebony, mint and neem, this is an excellent face scrub cream to use regularly for the best skincare results. The mountain ebony is great for healing skin issues and helps prevent facial skin ageing. You can use this, available at a nominal scrub price, to maintain healthy skin.

Having a great complexion is possible if you use a face scrub regularly. However, it is vital to choose an organic one like the ones available from Biotique. They make the best face scrub using only materials and extracts which are from nature. So select the beauty items which suit your skin the most and provide gentle exfoliation.

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